I turn good ideas
into great experiences


As a UX and visual designer, I’ve worked with teams large and small to design and build digital media, namely websites and web applications. I also have a special passion for creating and refining brands. In short, I take good ideas and turn them into great online experiences.


From logo fixes to full-on branding efforts, I’ve done it all. So if you need to sum yourself up in a single mark, or craft a visual identity for your whole team, I’m your guy.

UX Design

From drafting sitemaps to wireframes, and testing every assumption along the way, UX design is where I turn rough concepts into something everyone can see.

Visual Design

As an extension of the user experience, visual design is where I add personality and style to any project, creating visual appeal while enhancing usability.

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Hi, I’m Daniel, a UX and visual designer for the web.

I’ve been a professional designer since 2007. I began by working as an agency web designer in Boston, handling projects for large organizations like Cybex, Harvard Business Publishing, and the National Academy of Sciences. I'm currently partnered with Grafton Studio in Cambridge, helping entrepreneurs improve or overhaul their web platforms to scale up their businesses. As a result, I've expanded my skillset to include UX design, information architecture, and marketing.

Outside of work, I keep myself busy with a range of creative projects, from redesigning famous comic book logos to creating art prints. I'm now working on a reboot of my webcomic, which I'll be rolling out later this year.

Want to know more? Want to work together? I'm always interested in new projects and new people, so hit the button below, and let's start the conversation.