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Imagine having a strong, modern online brand. Imagine a website or web app that works for you rather than against you, one that’s attractive, easy to use, and most importantly, converts users. Imagine handing out your card at your next event, and being proud to say, “Visit us online.”

Let’s make that happen.

Who am I? I’ve been planning and designing web projects for more than a decade. I’ve helped clients of all sizes map out their web projects, turning their ideas into finished designs, ready for handoff to a development team. Not sure what to do next? No problem. Below are six core products and services I offer to help people in your shoes. Find one that works for you, and let’s get you on the right track.

Web Kickoff Worksheet


This free PDF will help you to define your project in terms any web team will understand. You’ll organize your thoughts around your web project, pinpoint where you are in the process, and how close you are to getting started. Topics include defining project outcomes, identifying your audience and market landscape, and figuring out key metrics for a home run.

1-Hour Strategy Call


This laser-focused one-hour call will help you figure out the best way to get started on your web project. Common topics include: How your website or product measures up to modern best practices, whether you need to invest in a full redesign or targeted adjustments, and the best options for design and development implementation, given your budget.

Web Design Audit


Not sure if you even need a redesign? Here’s a good way to find out. Send me a message and I’ll draft an actionable, screen-by-screen teardown of your website or web app. I’ll choose five to seven key screens to review, and give you targeted advice on how to optimize usability and improve the overall design. You’ll receive your audit report within two weeks of our initial consultation.

User Experience (UX)

From $4,500

Once you've decided to move forward on your web project, I’ll work with you on assessing and organizing your information into a cohesive architecture, drafting an easy-to-follow sitemap, and creating high-fidelity wireframes to guide an effective interface design. This is perfect if you have your own designer, and want a solid foundation in place before implementing the final UI.

UX & Visual Design

From $9,000

When you're ready for a full website or web app design, this package is for you. After a strategy call, we’ll get to work on everything included in the UX package, with the addition of a full set of polished visual designs for the most vital templates. In the end, you’ll have the source Sketch file to hand off to a developer or a team of your choosing (I know a few).



After an initial consultation call, we’ll work together on creating a custom logo for your company, whether it be an evolution of your current brand or a complete reimagining. Once we’ve created a mark you’re proud to call your own, I’ll deliver the logo in several configurations and file types, as well as a style guide that includes a fresh color palette and suggested typefaces.



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About me.

Hi, I’m Daniel Beadle. I’ve been a web designer for 12 years, working at agencies of all sizes before going solo. I’ve worked with big name clients like Panera Bread and Fidelity, as well as with entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and improve their online products.

I began my career as a visual designer, and eventually became a full user experience consultant as I got more involved in strategy, information architecture, and usability. I now consult directly with clients on various web projects, typically websites and web apps, coming up with a strategy and guiding the implementation of the user interface design.

Still have questions? Want to get the ball rolling on your project? Send me an email and let’s start the conversation. (I only take on a few custom projects a year, so if you’re interested in my help, book your spot now!)